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What drives India? We help you understand what drives the consumer and more importantly what they drive. With a sample spread that's unmatched, our automotive preference coverage dispels the camouflage view of the category. Unmasking preferences and surprising you with insights that are as distinct as the country's diversity.

Our solutions track sub-categories including two & four wheelers besides farm equipment providing you with an evolving snapshot of the automotive scene in the country.

How well is your brand represented through retail touch points and dedicated after sales support? How hard is your nearest competition working towards winning audiences? With the right quality market data you can take the right decisions that impact capital spends and design marketing investments accordingly.


Consumer Goods

Knowing consumer preference and consumption patterns is business critical given the clutter there is in today's market. There cannot be a better platform to funnel brand preference in response to your latest price discount campaign in Hissar or the innovative product variant launched to appease the Tamilian palate. Knowing the consumers changing tastes and aspirations is critical in a market where consumer loyalty is hard to find.

Our Consumer Goods category report puts a finger on the pulse of the consumer; what they prefer, what they buy and across socio-economic segments. Accurate and evolving data leads to innovation and faster market rollout and profitable growth.

With a wide range of product categories within the segment you get the complete picture of consumption patterns across the country.


Financial Services

India's proliferating financial services industry and the increasing awareness of instruments requires timely assessment of consumer's factual preference levels. The financial services marketplace is all about the future, with new technologies evolving and disruption being common place. Being one step ahead of fast moving changes is time critical.

Our Financial categories distinguish between the varying brand preferences in response to communication and product stimuli across geographies. Capturing representation from across education, age and income levels makes the data rich and actionable giving you the big picture. Underlying consumer apprehensions to Insurance products, in line with varying knowledge levels reveal a lot more than anecdotal inputs. You get a complete picture of the fertile pockets for you to bet your marketing monies on.



Healthcare is amongst the fastest growing industries in the country facing unprecedented growth yet remaining inaccessible to large parts of the country. While the advent of new technology and waves of consolidation have helped introduce quality healthcare, how best has your brand been able to leverage the changing aspirations? Where are the existing geographical gaps, offering immediate opportunity for healthcare players?

Our Healthcare sampling captures the pulse of consumer's responses across demographic variables helping you take critical decisions on not just designing communication but identifying locations for the next setup. We provide you with an accurate picture to make those next level decisions that not only save lives but also create healthy profit.


Media & Entertainment

In a fleeting media and entertainment marketplace, timely information is the key. Differentiating between trends and fads can mean the difference between a hit and a flop. Knowing the consumer's psyche is critical in making long terms investments in production that impact revenue and profits.

Our Media and entertainment preference data brings to the table the very spontaneous consumer response telling you what is buzzing and what is fizzling. Armed with these insights you can make the best decisions and take advantage of the popular mood. Get ahead of your competition and grab market share and high ratings.


Travel & Hospitality

India is soon imbibing the west and is increasingly getting mobile and travel loving. With the advent of online bookings, travel and hospitality industry has opportunities like never before. Knowing how best consumers are lapping into the plethora of travel brand options opens up a strategic view for you to plan your moves. We map preferences and consumption across geographical, age, education, income amongst a host of other useful variables, allowing you to profile your key audience and choose your battlefield. Our platform maps who's in and who's out of your click bait.



Whether it is a real shopping cart or a virtual one, accessing real time reliable data helps you step up your game. A high preference in low market share yielding geographies is an alarming sign of deficient distribution or even worst, manipulative intermediaries. How will you identify such a hot bed of opportunities? Our demographically segmented data lets you benchmark yourself on a variety of variables to woo, wow and win consumers.

Knowing how best your decisions on store space utilization, hygiene, inventory, product assortment and different formats funnels to consumption is critical to retain customers and attract new ones. Our retail category solutions help you take an accurate read of the consumer perception and better plan your communication, pricing, positioning and display. Last mile trends across geographies in India reflect heterogeneity; we can tell you what is being bought and which brand is waitlisted. Make informed decisions using our stratified sampled platform.


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