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The platform provides consumer preference & consumption insights elicited from end-users, along with micro-marketing tools to help drive action plans. Extensions into other aspects of a brands marketing mix are provided on custom basis in keeping with a brands specific requirements.

Consumer Preference

The platform elicits responses from over 1 million+ consumers about their preferences in over 40+ categories. The survey reaches across socio-economic segments to ensure representation of the true demography in India and aims to bring the consumer and brands closer.The survey works on a rolling sample and data will be, initially, made available on a quarterly basis before evolving into a monthly deck. Since it is a real-time extraction and reporting, marketers can have access to insights that are updated and in line with existing trends.


Given the heterogeneity in preference and consumption habits, it is imperative to synthesize findings at a granular level and deploy a time bound action plan. Brands can now understand individual buyer preference, evaluate competition strengths and identify improvement areas. This first-hand knowledge can be complimented with Axis's proven micro-marketing ability with precision targeting allowing better returns on marketing investments. A fact based evaluation of action plans provides valuable trends and helps drive better engagement with audience over a period of time.

Custom Solutions

Axis's Custom Solutions helps get a fresh perspective on some of the brands consequential business issues. The unmatched market reach and expertise in capturing trends, as it happens, is available to brands keen on unmasking the true India. Axis is able to draw on its vast pool of ground infrastructure and trained resource, spread across 29 states.


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