Market Research Solutions

Axis My India presents a platter of specialised research solutions ranging from Electoral surveys that help gauge peoples opinion on governance and elected representatives to consumer studies eliciting audience preferences, all through a structured and technologically backed process. We are passionate about deriving in-depth insights that help us understand your business for us to recommend solutions that help you make informed business decisions. For all your comprehensive requirements we offer a range of packaged as well as customized solutions. We offer both qualitative and quantitative studies with sampling as extensive as 700 districts drilled down to the village unit Pan-India.
We strive to enhance your business growth by combining consumer understanding and brand knowledge with intuition and innovation. Our well trained on-field staff ensure that they extract unbiased & neutral voices from a diverse population. As a member of the prestigious MRSI (Market Research Society of India) we strictly adhere to the governing guidelines and stipulations.

Axis My India Ltd. has established itself as a credible name in the domain of Market Research & Surveys. We have pioneered the methodology for Election Surveys with 'Seat-by-Seat' prediction. Our foray into the Market Research domain began with the Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections in 2013. The company holds to its credit a proven record in tracking electoral trends for over five years. Exit Polls including General Election 2014 & 2019 Haryana, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Delhi, Kerala, Jharkhand, J&K and state assembly elections predicted results with over 95% accuracy.
Our Consumer Trust Index platform helps you assess market attractiveness for a new consumer segment or in seeking views on a new product/service concept or perhaps helping understand audience preference for existing brands. Our platform is conceptually tested and commercially proven. It has been well accepted by marketers, media and policy makers within the Govt. arena. Axis today reaches nearly 85 million households (of the 250 million universe), through an array of research & micro-marketing solutions & trackers almost entirely managed digitally with a robust technological backbone.

Our Adherence to Quality Assurance
To ensure quality, our surveys are conducted using Tablets with Geo stamping & Audio enabled software. Quality control personnel verify the Interviews and calls are made to confirm that the survey was conducted in accordance with the guidelines stipulated for the purpose. In the event of any variation, appropriate actions are taken on a daily basis.

MDM Technology
MDM or ‘Mobile Device Management’ is a software used by the Quality Control Cell to monitor, manage and resolve issues in devices by remotely accessing them and getting it ready without much delay. These devices are deployed across multiple locations for the purpose of data collection from the field.

Movement During Interviews
If there are any movements or a change in position of the surveyor while conducting the interview, then it will be termed as “Movement During Interview” and the same will be captured in the device.

The Geo-codes enables the Quality Team to know the accuracy of the actual location versus the entered location.
• If the location entered is far from the actual location, then the survey would directly be considered as an “Invalid Survey”
• Interviews with actual location and entered location if not within the defined limits will also be considered as an “Invalid Survey”

Our Expertise

  •   Impact Assessment Study

  •   Pre-Poll Research & Strategies

  •   Exit Polls

  •   Brand Health Measurement & Communication Evaluation

  •   Customer Satisfaction & NPS

  •   Usage and Attitude

  •   Concept and Product testing

  •   Consumer Profiling & Media Habits

  •   Non-political Opinion Polls

  •   Market Sentiments and Opportunity Assessment Study

  •   Audit for availability & visibility of products in Retail shops- All India U/R till the remotest location

  •   Business Consulting for M&A, Investments etc

  •   …and many more