Client Testimonials

"We advertised on Electricity bills in Mah, MP and AP" a coupon which gave the consumer Rs. 100 off on a Tata Sky connection. 50,000 sales worth Rs. 22 crore were made from the coupon itself."

Tried personalized media for the first time for sampling through Gas bills in Nasik. Thoroughly impressed with the Market understanding and operational support provided by the Axis team. Made this activity a success. The Gas bills medium helped to achieve a guaranteed sample reach & increase in brand awareness/recall.

"Conceptually, the MSEB electricity bill was a good medium for a brand like Gelusil because: It promised to multiply our reach through traditional media like television by 4x. Helps us to get into households where there was a need for antacids but low penetration of media, Geographic focus, Greater retention value, important for an OTC brand. We used the medium in Maharashtra, which is already a large and strong market for us. The communication has worked for us with Maharashtra showing increase in sales upto 21% from June to September, at a time when the antacid marked dips due to seasonality."

" We have had a positive impact on our shares in 2 out of the 3 western states. These 2 states, Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh, are the ones where we used innovative media like gas & electricity bills - a unique offering of AXIS Media - to reach our customers for Closeup's new 15g small pack. With this performance, we are encouraged to use your services in other geographies too "

"The medium was well appreciated and noticed by masses, especially retailers who keep the copy every month as record and as consumers who save it as an identification proof. As per our Brand Track of the Electricity bills, the branding of Idea received 35% recall in Maharashtra (Pune, Nagpur and Nasik) and 20 % in MP (Indore, Bhopal). We are pleased and would like to continue our association with this medium depending on our product launches and target group "

"Our Coupon system of Rs.20 off was a big success which added value to our direct sales "

" The Electricity Bills are ideal for Mass awareness and response. UCO Bank branding and promotional activity for our Fixed Deposit & Home Loan had excellent response. We had taken the Electricity Bills of Maharashtra Electric Distribution Company Ltd. (MSEDCL) and repeated our promotional activity many times considering the assured reach, impact and retention value of this medium. "