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India is a country of much diversity. Hailed as one of the most complex amalgamation of multiple cultural identities and ethnicities. A country where opinion and perception changes every 100 miles. Given this fact, comprehending consumer insights and narrowing down a brands target audience has always been a challenging feat for most brands. Axis has attempted to address this challenge and introduce a two-way communication platform that promises unmatched reach and reliability, meeting some of the critical industry requirements.

Who We Are

Axis My India has successfully grown within the innovative media space in the last two decades. It has a penetrated base of 16 crore households, through non-traditional media comprising power discoms, LPG and railways. Axis'sengagement with consumer brands includes providing innovative media solutions like product sampling, polls and advertising with response mechanism. The organization's extension into consumer research, through the launch of Trust Index, has been a logical one.A journey which began with electorate surveys and opinion polls, capturing electoral insights delivering near 100% accurate findings ever since inception in 2014, including India's high decibel general elections.

Trust Index is India's first micro market insights platform, an Industry first from Axis My India Ltd. The research spans 670 districts pan-India, covering responses across 40+ consuming categories. Starting 2018 the platform will offer 1 million respondents cumulated every quarter with 2.5 lac respondents on a rolling basis. The platform essentially captures consumer preference and consumption along with multiple demographic and behavioral variables. The ambition, in the longer term is to reach 250 million households. There is also an immensely empowering aspect of the platform, which captures the voice of citizens, first hand; enabling decision makers and government organisations drive improvements across the length and breadth of the nation.

How we do this

Voice of Consumer is extracted using 'face to face' interviews through stratified sampling, capable of projecting the findings to the current population of the country as enumerated in the Census data. A robust process of Voter's list is being used as a starting point. The platform also uses the right hand rule for selecting the next house and Kish grid to identify the actual respondent. Also a high level of automation through CAPI (Computer aided personal interview) is being deployed to get accurate and timely inputs. Application of Time & GPS stamping as also random audio recording provides for better monitoring and accuracy. The data will be directly uploaded to the company's secured central server from each of the tabs, making human intervention in the process impossible.

Categories covered by the study includeMobile handsets, Mobile network, Personal care, Home care, Health beverages, Television channels, Foods, Hot & Cold Beverages, E-commerce, Consumer Durables, DTH, Stationary, Four Wheelers, Tractors amongst others.


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